Power Personalized.

Dependable Power, At a Reasonable Price, From a Responsible Provider

Advantages of AMS Personalized Power

Advanced Microgrid Systems provides customized Microgrids which supply facilities with electrical and thermal energy derived from fossil and renewable feedstocks. We tailor an energy supply to the way your business consumes energy, incorporating the efficiency and environmental goals you desire. Once complete, your business is better prepared to meet the energy challenges of the next decade and beyond.

Lower Energy Costs

We provide safe and sustainable energy that powers your business for a more effective bottom line, at costs lower than traditional utility offerings. Our Microgrids are highly efficient and extremely reliable, providing the energy when you need it and how you consume it, both today and years into the future.

Lower Energy Costs

Greener Solutions

AMS can you reduce your carbon footprint and help you present the public image you desire. Our Microgrids are tailored and can include renewable technologies such as Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biogas, and others. We also employ Combined Heat and Power, and Waste Heat recovery technologies to squeeze the most out of fossil fuel systems, reducing carbon and improving overall emissions.

Greener Solutions

Thinking Ahead

Our Microgrids offer a local, tailored energy solution which can be updated as your business changes. We can provide advanced technologies such as Electric Vehicle Charging and Efficient LED Lighting Systems. Finally we prepare you for the unpredictable, such as severe weather, with an energy supply which isn't separated from your business by damaged power lines.

Thinking Ahead

What can AMS do for you?

Your business is unique, shouldn't your energy supply match?
We want to help make your energy solutions more personalized, like you! Whether your business is small or large, we can help you restructure you energy systems in a way that best fits you.

We can provide our microgrid solutions to an endless variety of businesses and establishments.

  • Large Retail Stores
  • Large Residential / Apartment Buildings
  • Office Buildings / Corporate Headquarters
  • Police / Fire/Emergency Facilities
  • Hospitals / Medical Facilities
  • College and Campus Buildings
  • Data Centers
  • Manufacturers
  • Military Bases, Facilities
  • & Much More

Our Clients

We're very proud to have worked with all of our clients and we know they feel the same way about us! Feel free to read about some of our projects in the links below.

AEP is one of the largest electric utilities in the U.S., serving nearly 5.4 million customers in 11 states.Read More
Princeton Power Systems designs and manufactures state-of-the-art technology solutions for energy management, microgrid operations and electric vehicle charging.Read More
Echogen is a producer of scalable heat-to-power systems to monetize our customers’ otherwise wasted heat.Read More
The mission of the Energy Department is to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions.Read More

Featured Vendors

We routinely work with some of the best suppliers in the industry. Below are a few we would like you to be aware of.


Tecogen is a next-generation manufacturer of natural-gas-fueled, engine-driven, combined heat and power (CHP) products that aim to reduce energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and alleviate congestion on the national power grid.


Woodward provides integrated leading-edge technologies into fuel, combustion, fluid, actuation, and electronic control systems for the aerospace and energy markets.

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