Energy is in the midst of a revolution

Will you be a part of it?


“It is our mission to provide safe reliable energy to our customers at costs that best all competitors. We match our energy products to the actual process and products of our customers, for efficiency and reliability that is unmatched. We provide service that goes above and beyond, anticipating customer needs and ensuring their success.”

At Advanced Microgrid Systems we sell energy products, electrical and thermal, at guaranteed discount rates not achievable from a traditional utility model. This is achieved by integrating generation and smart load assets directly into a customer’s facility. This tight integration allows for improvements in both energy efficiency and reliability. These are the energy systems of the 21st century.


Emerging technology of microgrids

Advanced Microgrid Systems is a cutting edge provider of commercial, industrial, and military microgrids. Our Microgrids offer cost competitive energy products, both electrical and thermal, from locally generator sources such as combined heat and power and renewable sources. We offer power system reliability that rivals most traditional utility delivered solutions at a fraction of the cost. Using intelligent design we are also able to improve a facilities environmental footprint without damaging the corporate bottom line.

AMS uses our decade of microgrid experience to evaluate each consumers unique needs. We design cost effective, reliable, and efficient microgrids tailored to those needs. We construct these microgrids to industry standards using qualified personnel and commercially proven products to achieve a long, reliable lifetime of operation. Finally AMS provides solutions for equipment maintenance, upgrade, and retrofit, including capital financing which best fits your individual needs. If you are interested in a Microgrid, we can assist you with all aspects.

AMS was founded in 2013 by David Klapp in an effort to bring the emerging technology of microgrids to the masses. A decade of prior experience within a large electrical utility and ground floor involvement in the Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS) has enabled us to understand the complex needs of the market and see available solutions to those problems. Our primary objective is to improve the energy experience of end consumers using innovative technology.


We strive to fit your unique energy needs and best prepare your business to meet the energy challenges of today and the next decades. This is how we do it:


When we first meet we come ready to learn about you and your company. We examine how and when you apply energy, electrical, gas, and thermal in your business. We can use past utility bills, work schedules, and any internal measurements you may already have. Don’t worry if none of this is available, we can also collect measurements of key usage for you. Also any and all information we collect is used solely for the purpose of our assessment and protected by a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement. If at some point you decide that a microgrid isn’t for you, we will return ALL collected information to you.


Once we have a understanding of your energy needs we perform a detailed assessment. During the assessment we examine a number of different possible options including efficiency improvements in lighting and hvac systems, and changes in how you receive your energy, such as with co-generation, renewables, and backup generation added to your facility. From this assessment we develop a few optimized proposals which take into consideration any targets such as green energy, reduced emissions, reduced costs, which you may have.


Next we hold a proposals meeting where you receive the detailed proposals including full financial justifications. Our proposals come with a few financial options as well. We can provide a simple turn key approach where we provide you our best engineering and installation, once complete you take full ownership and all of its rewards. We can also provide a leased arrangement or an energy purchase arrangement where we provide the upfront capital and together we share in the rewards.

If you have a desire to operate your business at the cutting edge of energy technology, we can get you there.